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Clip from John F Kennedy’s famous American University Commencement speech, June 1963.

The Money Free Party is a place where a vast range differing ideas, perspectives and approaches can be embraced and discussed. A place where strategies are not confused with motives, ideas are not confused with people. 
When the chips are down, we all want the same things – food to eat, air to breathe, a place to live, a place to shit, for our kids to be safe and happy, for life not to be too much of a grind.

This page is a repository for some of the many thousands of contributions made by all kinds of people in all kinds of domains. What is common to all of them are the ideals of sustainability, positive transformation, individual liberty, transparency and wholesomeness that the MFP is all about.

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Peter Joseph and Zeitgeist
Jacque Fresco and Venus Project
More about money
Open Source Movement
Game B
Distributed Governance
Sharing and gifting
The Commons
Climate and Environment
Conflict management and resolution
Community Living

Colin R. Turner - Creator of Sharebay

Link to sharebay.org
The six stages of transition to a money-free world

Inspiring Individual Stories

Here is a selection of videos about money, Resource-Based Economics and the transition. More can be found on the Further Information page.

Jacque Fresco, The Venus Project, RBE and transition.

The game theoretic dynamics of civilisational collapse.

Understanding the nature of the transition.

Deep exploration of how to navigate the transition.

How the Commons was sold back to us at a profit.

The power of localisation.