What is Game B?

Game B is really just a placeholder name for whatever the next generation of civilisation will be.

In other words, from the dawn of civilisation until now we have been playing Game A, but Game A has deep systemic flaws which technology has now magnified to the level of existential risk. Therefore, figuring out a new game before this one destroys itself is what the Game B project is all about.

It draws on complexity and systems theories, game theory, evolutionary biology, psychology, history and anthropology, to name but a few, in an attempt to solve the problem of designing and propagating the right “generator functions” to produce the high quality information, the efficient, resilient systems and the capable, integrated people that must characterise a modern, thriving civilisation.

Game B Key Concepts Series

Short, fairly simple videos explaining the main ideas underlying the Game B narrative. A good starting point if new to you.

Game B Thought Leaders

Some of the key thinkers and pioneers of the Game B scene, in interviews of varying lengths, expanding on the history and ideas.

Game B “Adjacent” material

Being a somewhat nebulous concept, there is a very large amount of “Game B adjacent” material, a small selection of which is presented below.

Rebel Wisdom

This Youtube channel and website has consistently put out excellent material much of which is at least tangentially related. A handful of the best ones are listed here.