Get Involved!

More and more people are realising the discontent they feel about society’s inequities and dysfunctions can be traced back to the monetary system and the profit motive that drives it.

The next question that many people ask themselves is “What can I do to help change things?” This page is an attempt to provide a few possible answers to that question.

This website is the beginning of a journey to foster wider debate and to start what will become a national, even a global transition at a grass roots, local, community level.

The first step on this journey is to increase the membership of the party, bringing greater skills and capacities to bear as well as making for a louder voice.

We need people to get involved in the transition.

We see natural allies everywhere and invite you all to join us in any way you feel called to do. Anyone from the Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, the Metamodernists, the Open Source movement, the Cryptocurrency community, Game B, Extinction Rebellion and many, many others – we are all on the same team.

Help us to use this political platform to change the world.

There are many ways in which you can get involved and do your bit. Here are a few:

  1. Join the Party. It costs you nothing to do so. We do, however, ask that you agree to a few basic standards and principles before joining. 
    Once you have joined, you are able to participate fully in the forum and all discussions. Click here to go to the joinup form.

  2. Familiarise yourself with the content on the website. Join our regular meetings to meet other members, ask questions, propose and discuss ideas and projects. Join the forum, in the members area, to introduce yourself, tell the community about any projects you are involved in, suggest ideas for the website, etc.

  3. Help spread the word by learning more about the multitude and magnitude of challenges that our current political and social systems have created and are therefore failing to even address, let alone solve, and how the ideas presented on this website could offer solutions to many of them. Get your friends and family involved, encourage them to join the party. Adding another effective voice to the campaign is a powerful contribution.

  4. Make a financial contribution. You can easily do so when you join or at any time later. The irony of this is not lost on us, but there are costs involved and so donations help enormously – the more we get the more we can do and all such dealings are completely transparent.

  5. Look at the Vacancies page on the website and see if any of them fit your skills/interests. We always need help with social media interface, producing content for newsletters and blogs, helping to develop and administer the website, making short videos and many other things. We would love to have you join the team.

  6. Start a local MFP Chapter in your area. Even if you do not wish to actively campaign, there is much that can be done at a grass roots level, supporting local businesses and initiatives, building trust and relationships with kindred spirits. The more that is actually done at a grass roots level under the MFP banner, the more examples of good practice there are to point to when campaigning time comes around.

  7. Vote for the MFP candidate in your constituency, be it at Parish, Borough, City, County or National level. The more people that do this, the more traction and credibility the ideas gain.

  8. Put your name forward to stand as a candidate in either local or national elections. The more of us that do this, the more people will have the opportunity to cast their vote for MFP and the more likely the ideas are to get national exposure.

Details of how to get in touch with us to learn more about any of these or to make any suggestions or comments can be found here

Join us and let history show that you were one of the pioneers that supported a fairer, more community-spirited, generous system, more in-tune with the planet and our human needs; one that has no need of money.