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Sad to say but the clock is very much ticking down.

Our economic system has an insatiable appetite for growth, which it feeds by devouring everything it encounters. Like a cancer, the inevitable outcome is the death of the host: in this case human society itself.

The decisions and actions we take now will have a profound influence on what is to come. If we continue to rely on the money/market system, we are most surely doomed.



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To many it may sound crazy at first. Can we really manage without money? Isn’t it essential?

The truth is that the need to make money is the primary driver behind our rapacious and self-destructive behaviours.

Money inevitably creates bad incentives in the society and our money/market system has demonstrated time and again that it is incapable of meeting global human needs or of coming into balance with the natural world.

Decoupling the use of money from our day to day doings would transform the society profoundly for the better.

Without money and the toxic forces of corruption, hoarding, debt, greed, deception, exploitation, slavery and more that inevitably accompany it, we could build something that could justifiably called civilised.

Explore this website to discover how we can change to a new way of thinking about society. One that does not rely primarily on money to function, one that is more peaceful, more prosperous, more resilient, more sustainable.

One that we would be proud to pass on to our children.

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Why are we in debt when we live on a planet that gives us everything we need for free?

More and more people are waking up to the fact that money based on debt is an exploitative, divisive and unsustainable model.

But even deeper than that, money in any form is a very poor tool for measuring real value and its widespread use inevitably leads to destructive incentives arising.

Organising an economy that meets the needs of the society without the use of money, one that incentivises collaboration, transparency, openness and sustainability is a radically different beast to the one we have now.

This type of economic model is called a Resource Based Economy.

Resource Based Economics is the kernel of much of the content of this website
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