Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement

One of the biggest contributors to articulating the scale, breadth and nature of the systemic flaws we are faced with is Peter Joseph, creator of the Zeitgeist films and founder of the Zeitgeist Movement.

Below is a selection of his talks, interviews and films. These are here partly as an homage, partly as a resource for greater understanding of the scale of the problems, the true root causes and some of the potential helpful pathways into solving them.

Click to watch excerpt. Full lecture above right.
His website, with information on all of his work.

Extended trailer for new film "Interreflections"

Full 2 hour lecture on his new book.

Interview with Lee Camp on RT

Zeitgeist – summary of films and movement

Zeitgeist – money, religion, power

Zeitgeist Addendum – money, US power, TVP

Zeitgeist 3 Moving Forward – transition, RBE. TVP.