There is much work to be done to bring about the changes to society that we all want to see. There are all kinds of ways in which the MFP could use your help.

This page is a (reasonably) regularly updated list of roles that require someone to step up and take control of. If any of these feel like they might be yours to do, or indeed if you think you have something else of value to offer, please CONTACT US.

Social media liaison

We would like to have a regular, reliable presence on all of the main social media platforms. If you have the time/expertise/inclination to take responsibility for one or more of them, engaging with and building an audience, directing potential new members to the website and generally being a mouthpiece for the MFP please say so.

People to co-ordinate what goes out on all platforms, as well as through other media channels, will also be needed. Essentially the role of a “Communications director”.

Blog and newsletter content

We would like to put out a regular newsletter with news about members and their projects, articles about models of governance, transitional ideas etc. 
There is also an opportunity for any members who wish to do so to produce articles for the blog. They can be on anything at all that is dear to your heart, so long as it is in the general domain of positive societal change.

Other content

This is really a call to any artists out there, especially writers, musicians, comedians and filmmakers. There is this website and a YouTube channel and would welcome contributions from anyone wishing to make them.

There is also a need to produce engaging educational material, both for the purpose of onboarding new members and to help the wider public to understand some of these ideas.

Website development and maintenance

It is important that the membership is managed and looked after, that problems with the website get fixed, that new content is added to it regularly and that useful new features can be added. Near the top of the list of people needed are those with solid experience in this area.


As the membership grows, moderators and admins for the forums will become increasingly important roles. Figuring out ways to harvest the best of what goes on in the forum discussions will be an essential piece of harnessing the collective intelligence of the membership.

Skilled admin

Some expertise in the fields of accountancy, law and politics are going to be essential going forwards.  Any members with credentials and/or relevant experience in these domains please make yourselves known.

Hosts for online events and regular meetings

As the membership grows, the need for more people to host more meetings in more time slots will grow. This is a role for those who are skilled in the arts of facilitation, relationship building and conflict resolution. If that sounds like you, please let us know.